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Intra-day flexibility - From 08-01-2020 to 19-01-2020

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Flexibility service availability : On the basis of the latest information declared by the customer for the day concerned, GRTgaz establish a qualitative indicator of predictable Network stress in the form of a colour:
- "Green": GRTgaz expects to be able to fulfil all the schedules of the highly modulated sites ;
- "Red": GRTgaz is not sure that the proposed Schedules will be feasible.
This stress indicator is provided as a whole for highly modulated sites. This information is not binding on GRTgaz, and is provided on the basis of the data available to GRTgaz for the purpose of giving the customer a useful indication.

Restriction rate of the flexibility service : Reduction rate linked to lexibility service not available at 100%.

Flexibility demand : It is the quantification of the modulation in the volume delivered on the highly modulated site over a Day. It is equal to the sum of the differences in absolute value, for all hours of a day, between the hourly consumption recorded and the daily consumption recorded divided by 24, then divided by two.

Notice period : Minimum period between the time when the customer notifies GRTgaz of the modified schedule for the highly modulated site relating to a quantity greater than or equal to the flexibility tolerance and the start of its actual implementation by the customer. This period allows GRTgaz to take the operational measures that will guarantee security and continuity in the operation of the network. A Notice Period is identical for all highly modulated sites in a single subzone.